Don't Give Up On Me

Hi everyone. First let me tell you how flattered I am by how many of you have written asking why this comic hasn't been updated in nearly 2 months. I feel terrible about it, though anyone who knows my history with comic publishing knows that this is a thing that happens from time to time. I promise you the comic has not been abandoned. I promise.

I've just been so busy. As many of you know, for the past year I've run a little web design firm in New Brunswick, Harvey Plum Creative. Though the business is doing well, I decided to seek full time employment back in August and threw myself headfirst into the job hunt. Looking for work while running a business (and also working really hard on my health) just got to be a bit much. I started an AWESOME new job two weeks ago, as well as a certificate program at the local community college. I haven't given up the business or the fitness program. Something had to give and unfortunately that thing was Whaleocalypse.

That said, the story of nanogod is largely written and I'm really pleased with it. So god willing I can get the next installment up this week, and I dare say it will be worth the wait. Until then, remember that I love you, and please don't give up on me.

Your pal,


Hey, at least you have the option to subscribe via RSS. that way I always know when you update and I don't have to worry about either forgetting you or, worse yet, giving up on you because I don't feel like checking every day.

Don't worry, post-apocalyptic whale! I haven't given up on you!

(then again, I've been known to wait a couple of years for a good comic to be updated before I finally I've up on it...)

I don't have a job either. It's tough looking for some, and getting your life in order. My support for you. Good luck, and when you do come back with some comic strips....well, that's just awesome. Hope for the best for you.

Sweetie...I. know you and when you do something it is with total perfection. So we will wait patiently for your creative genius to flourish and produce your masterpieces. Anything worth having is worth waiting for!!!! All of your fans are here for you.

huzzah! that's some kind of interstellar breaching going on there.
congrats on the job. looking forward to more comics

I love these comics I will wait as long as it takes

I'll join anon in saying that I love your comics and will wait as long as it takes to be able to enjoy your work again. Good luck and don't stress on being busy or on focusing on your health. Do what you have to do to be happy :)

I feel like a dog who's owner is gone on a trip. I'm here waiting at the window everyday for Whaleocalypse to come home. Everyday a little disappointed, but just as hopeful the next.

@ anon, Do you use a reader? That will create a page for you where you can check all the blogs and comics you read for updates.

Secrets and lies! It's always secrets and lies with these whales...

Come back, now.

Are you still alive?

Matt Korostoff's picture

Yes! I'm sorry. Sometimes I say funny things at maybe that will tide you over? There will be more whales eventually, I promise.

I check here everyday hoping it'll be updated. <3

Hope your still hanging in there! Love the whales and these comics, I always check back :)


Not sure exactly why you've been away so long, but I hope you're doing well. I haven't given up on you! This comic is still in my "check daily for updates" folder.

Just popping in to say you're still in my Google Reader, and hope we'll hear from you again sometime when you're able. I had a lengthy hiatus followed by extremely spotty updates myself, so I know how it can get.

I still come and read through all of these occasionally. Can't wait for new comics!

Oh noes, tomorrow's a year since the last update! The Whales have left us... :-(

It's been a year! The faith has become shaken my friend!

You and your whales are missed.

Come back, Matt! Some of us have just stumbled across these sarcastically wistful characters and want/need more!


I still believe. I haven't given up.

I still believe. Sometimes I pray that C.y.L.E. will determine it is in the best interest of the world to bring back whaleocalypse...

have not given up yet

I miss you, whaleocalypse! =(

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