This is strip 6 of 6 in the story Gold Whale
This strip is community contributed by Dan Herbert. You can write your own whaleocalypse too.

Whaleocalypse 039

This is this first ever community contributed edition of whaleocalypse, and boy oh boy am I excited about it! As you may know, a few months ago I open sourced all of my art work, and a few folks have already taken advantage of the freedom to remix whaleocalypse. An edited version of Strip 037 also just recently appeared in the first ever print edition of a local newspaper called New Brunswick Today. I'm very excited about these developments.


John: Gold whale! What happened to your body!?
Gold Whale: It is made of a scarce and precious commodity. I sell pieces of it to finance my lifestyle.

John: Why? Couldn't you just get a job?
Gold Whale: I possess only my body and my time - I choose to sell the one I value less.

John: Doesn't it hurt?
Gold Whale: I am made of gold; I have no nerve endings to feel pain.
John: What about your flippers, your organs?
Gold Whale: Nothing is as important as spending my time doing what I love with those I love.

John: What about your... you know... your junk?
Gold Whale: One-quarter of my mass.
John: But -
Gold Whale: Only going up.


In the description above, the links to pages on the Whaleocalypse site are broken. Just wanted to let you know,

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Thanks for the heads up yarpsa! Fixed

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