This is strip 1 of 6 in the story Gold Whale


John: Hey gold whale, whatchya doing down there?
Gold Whale: I'm made of heavy metal. I'm doomed to lay on the bottom of the sea.

John: Won't you die?
Gold Whale: Won't you?
John: Well, a long time from now. You're going to drown any second.

Gold Whale: And if you met a whale who could live to a million your life would be less meaningful?
John: It might.
Gold whale: Nonsense. As Rilke said, "even if only once: having been of the earth seems--


You know what? I love this comic. It's just all the rage, you know. It's funny 'cause he dies!

I thought this one was fantastic. You made your point in the third slide, there was nothing left to say, who cares how it ends.

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