This is strip 3 of 3 in the story Tails of the Bourgeoisea

Whaleocalypse 032


The problem with your society is that there’s no mechanism in place to prevent one group from accumulating wealth and controlling the means of production.
What do you mean? There is no production. We find all we need in nature.

Well all goods originate in nature, that’s not unique to your society. But people with power can always control and commodify natural resources.

That’s only true when there’s scarcity—we have no scarcity so we have no need of commerce.
If you think abundance alone will save you then you are fooling yourself. On my world enough food is grown to feed everyone twice over, yet millions starve each year.

So what’s your proposal then?
You have to abolish property and hold all wealth in common.
Sounds a lot like you’re Mom John.
What? How?

Everybody gets a piece!


The bear has brought "your mom" jokes, and therefore nothing good.

Don't worry about cmcl, Matty. He's being a dick. I liked it.

Excuse me, she's being a dick. Whaleocalypse Web Comic USA #1!!!!!!

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Danny it's cool, cmcl is a frequent commenter here and always has constructive things to say. Also, I think s/he is speaking in canon: the whales have received nothing good from the bear. A point I ultimately agree with.

As a product of America's public school system, I would have to say I enjoyed the yo' momma joke. Of course that's coming from an uncultured child, who enjoys baseless humor. Good work. I always enjoy what the whales have to say.

fucking awsome !more please!

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