This is strip 1 of 2 in the story Nanogod


Dear Lord, give me the strength to go on during this trying time.

Open your eyes my son. It is I.
God? Have you come to answer my prayers?
Please, call me Kyle. And yes, in a way.
Well… Kyle … my mom is very sick. I pray that she recovers.

I’m sorry, I cannot promise you that. But I can promise you that all prayers are heard by a force inside yourself, and that alone is why they work.

Not to seem unappreciative, but that’s not quite what I meant.
It never is.
Well, as long as you’re here, can I ask for something else, as a consolation prize?
Maybe. What?

Can you do that water-into-wine thing, just for a few minutes.

OK just this once. But you can’t tell ANYONE.

So effing drunk.


NICE! I like this one.

that wine probably killed everything fish in the ocean! Gods is so cruel.

He could have turned the kelp into pot. The dolphins would be sooooo happy about that.

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