Whaleocalypse 011

Dear readers,

Welcome back.



You know what’s weird to me?
That people buy bottled water?
That the Flintstones had christmas?
That people eat bird skin, but not mammal skin?
That there are gender designations on single person bathrooms?
That there's an earth DAY but black history MONTH (nope, and you're a racist)
That people reproduce by growing tiny people in their bellies?
That there are no drag shows for women?
That sometimes clouds turn into water and fall on you?
That humans never developed a more abundant fuel source than liquid dinosaurs?
That narwhals are a real thing? (nope, and your a double racist)
That the panda is used as a symbol of chinese food. It makes it seem like you’re eating pandas.
If only.


these are funny :) keep it up

Point 3, panel 1: pork rinds.

Also, pronounce like Metalocalypse, right? But whale, not metal.

These are all awesome please do more!

Nice comics, now if I could have a RSS feed... That or a proper way to way to say whaleocalypse. Seriously, you can't say it's whale-ocalypse. How does one say ocalpse in one motion? (o-ca-lypse)

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There is an RSS feed--top right under the search bar. "Ocalypse" is pronounced like "apocalypse"


this one made me L out L.

The thing is, we've only been using petroleum products for about 100 years now. Now look at stuff like steel, we've been using that for over 1000 years...

whales are mammals


And squids are cephalopods

On a rather pedantic note, petroleum is not actually dinosaur; it's plants. Nonetheless, amusing to think of all of those things.

This is almost too amazing for words!
Your comic makes me do that retarded thing where I laugh, and then half an hour later, while doing something completly unrelated, I start to giggle randomly (as parts of the awesomeness that is your comic pop into my head)...

This comic is like, the best thing ever

Who would have thought that whales were funny...
Awesome comics! Instant fan!

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