This is strip 4 of 6 in the story Tentacle Love

Whaleocalypse 012

This is part of the Kraken story arc. The things you're looking at are sea monsters, not seaweed.


That was AMAZING!


Y'know guys, I wouldn't be too aggressive.

It's been what, almost two years? You might just scare him away.

seriously. wtf mate

Quit bein a lazy bastard with these one panel comics, come on man. We have to wait a whole week for updates anyway! I suggest daily updates. :D

Geez, people I don't see you making people x amount of people laugh on a weekly basis with you art. Plus you can't force inspiration homie

Keep up the good work my mannnnnn ill be checkin updates every sunday haha cheers from mex

It's a friendly backhanded compliment. I like his work and think it's great, and he should do more, but at the same time, I'm disappointed in a one-frame comic that I waited a week for, so it still holds a bit of truth.

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