Whaleocalypse 022

I did this same sort of strip once before, and it was my most popular by far. The consensus on Reddit and Stumbleupon was that the last panel had been a let down (some guessed it was a let down on purpose). Of course, no punch line lives up to that sort of buildup, so I guess the let down was kind of inevitable. It's sort of like life; you were expecting meaning? Doesn't work that way, it's the journey not the destination.


You know what's weird to me:

That Flavor Flav is rich and famous? (Well he probably died in the nuclear apocalypse)
That there's no second-person plural pronoun in english. (you can use "Y'all")

Clamato is a real thing
That the word mole simultaneously means a kind of animal, a kind of spy, a kind of birth mark, a unit of weight, and a kind of chocolate sauce?

That elephants drink out of their noses?

That there are no animals with wheels?


I'm not trying to be mean. I really like your comic. Anyways a mole is not a unit of weight, but is the number of atoms/molecules/functional groups that you are concerned with. As in the absolute number of those molecules, not their mass or combined mass. You may have been thinking of molecular weight, which is the grams (mass) per mole (6.02*10^23 number of units) of a compound.

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I had a moment before I posted this when I thought, "You know, that thing about mole being a unit of weight is probably not technically true." But then I posted it anyway, because I figure an octopus probably wouldn't know that.

Hi Matty. Don't mean to be a dick, but "you" is a plural second person pronoun, as well as a singular second person pronoun. I know this because I have a degree in English from an accredited university.


I am a chemist--while the mole thing is (as pointed out above) not correct... who gives. Your comics are freakin hilarious and a perfect anathema to my grad school life. Thanks for existing!

I LOVE your "you know what's weird..." comics. They're the best.
Your comics are amazing. They're deep, smart, thoughtful, yet witty. And the sea creatures are always adorable.
Thank you!

Mole is not chocolate sauce FYI

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