This is strip 5 of 6 in the story Gold Whale

Whaleocalypse 023

Whalesongs are very important.

My high school physics teacher once said that science couldn't explain why whales had such big brains--no one knows what they use them for. One theory is that they're super communicators, and carry on half a dozen simultaneous conversations with other whales miles away. So while humans are super tool users, and put their entire cognitive surplus to that task, whales devote it to broadcasting a picture-perfect representation of their thoughts. I very much like that idea.


Brother, you have returned!
Indeed, I have journeyed far. I have been to strange lands and met strange creatures.

Their bodies are fragile, and never last longer than one century. Their every action is informed by their impermenance.

Their spirits are fragile as well, and easily broken by tragedy.

Yet somehow, most of their days are filled with joy and love. They are capable of such stunning grace and kindness.

How do they manage?

They lament their condition in song.

Also, they are nearly always drunk.

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