Whaleocalypse 025

This post brought to you by the genetic fallacy.

Also, this post, like all my posts, made possible by my beautiful mother, Stephanie Korostoff. Love you Mom.


Happy mother’s day John. Have you called your Mom yet?
No, she’s against the commercialization of the holiday.
How does that keep you from calling her?
The holiday was founded as a protest against war. Every soldier killed is some mother’s son, hence the name.
My mom’s an originalist. She prefers that I spend the day protesting for peace.
That is admirable of you.
On Thanksgiving we spend the day harvesting crops and then beat up some Indians.
And I don’t even wanna talk about what we do for Easter.


Love your work man! Get happy every time I revisit the site and see that you've added more comics, I think this is one of the best online-comics out there atm. Keep up the amazing work!




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