Whaleocalypse 027

"Dear childhood Matt,

One day, you're going to write a comic about a dolphin that smokes crack. Thought you'd like to know.

Future Matt"


So we’re still here.
Why wouldn’t we be?
A lot of people were predicting the rapture on Saturday.

I kind of wonder if the proponents of that theory even believed it themselves.
Like they were just lying for profit?
No, like they were using it as an excuse to talk about repentance. I’m sure there were a few people who thought it was literally true, but I think most “believers” were just trying to create urgency so non-believers would listen.

I think if you push the point hard enough, most of them would tell you “yeah, no one knows if or when the rapture will come, but you still need to repent.”
Like when black nationalists talk about “the revolution.” Even people who believe in it don’t envision it as a literal moment of violent upheaval, but an ideal to aspire to. By preparing for some mythical event, you end up building the world you want.

Still, I smoked a bunch of crack, just in case.
How was it?
Oh it was…



I had the same thought today (well, not about dolphins smoking crack... that would be weird) about sending a message to my childhood.

Mine is more: "you can buy videogames whenever you want instead of waiting for your birthday or christmas, plus you get to touch a lot of boobies". Juvenile Ian Brooks would approve.

But if the world is nuclear apocalyptic, where is he getting his crack?

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