This is strip 2 of 2 in the story Nanogod

Whaleocalypse 034


:) This kind of reminded me of the Carl & Julia days. My heart is smiling! Thanks!


when are you going to make more comics with postapocalyptic whales

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Soon, soon! So sorry for the wait, I've been job hunting like crazy.

we want more!!!!!

I'm loving the philosophy and the jokes all through this run.
So did nano-god engineer our demise in any way? Sounds like he'd have the power; also possibly irked by us calling him nano-god.
more metallic whales!
good luck with the job hunt.

Hey, I was weeding some of the comics out of my Google Reader that I'm not interested in anymore, and noticed we haven't seen an update from you in a while! How are things? We miss your whalish commentary.

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