This is strip 6 of 6 in the story Tentacle Love

Whaleocalypse 035

Thanks to those that did not give up.  Where have I been you ask?  Good question!  I've been making lots more comics.  I hope this was worth the wait, but I've been writing For Immediate Occupancy and Roswell Chamber of Commerce with my friend Cody Cobb for about three months now.  Welcome back!


John: Hey kraken, where's gina?
Kraken: Oh, we broke up.

John: I'm sorry to here that. Any reason.
Kraken: I found out she used to be in tentacle porn. Gross right?

John: Well I guess she couldn't be in NON tentacle porn.
Krake: Yeah, it's not that. It's that it was girl on girl. I'm sorry but to me that's just wrong.

Kraken: Also, I'm not crazy about the fact that the girls were japanese.
John: there is so much that I don't understand about you.



Woo hoo. Great to see you are back!

We missed you!

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