Whaleocalypse 037

So much big news from whaleocalypse! We're coming to you from a brand new website run with Drupal, on a brand new server. The new website looks good on mobile phones, plus there's transcripts now. Also all of the artwork is now open source!


Whaleocalypse presents: things I'm afraid of

Title text: that someone will make me touch my tooth to a belt sander

Title text: That I'll accidentally knock into a pregnant lady and break her baby
John: I'm gonna have to call you back

Title text: that I'll just go crazy and break a baby on purpose

Title text: that there will be a bunch of knives sticking out of a dishwasher and I'll fall on them

Title text: that I'll find love too late for it to be "young love"
John: You wanna drive down to the beach tonight? We could make it back by dawn.
Jane: Nah, I'm supposed to go to Ikea in the morning.

Title text: that I'm already too old for young love

Title text: that I'll be trying to sign an email “regards” but accidentally write “retards”

Title text: that I won't feel sad enough when my grandma dies

Title text: that all of my phone calls have secretly been video calls and I didn't know it.
John: I'm walking back to my desk right now. I'll call you back in 10 minutes.


I'm glad to see you're back once again. Don't believe that you've lost any followers in the last two years, we're all still floating around somewhere.

Reading Whaleocalypse all the way from British Columbia. Keep the updates coming please Matt. It's a great comic.

Wow, this is one of my favorite Whaleocalypse comics so far! Genius :)

Seeing that you've started up again really made my day. Glad I didn't give up. My patience has certainly been rewarded.

Also will we eventually see a continuation of the nanogod storyline?

Matt Korostoff's picture

Hi cyle! You'll definitely hear more from nanogod!

Really love the work. I guess we all have things we're afraid of, that's the exciting part of life.

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